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cslai photo Chao-Sung Lai
Dean, College of Engineering
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5786
Specializations : VLSI Technology, Chemical Sensor, High-K Dielectrics, Thin Film Transistor, Memory Devices
Publication List Laboratory : Semiconductor Lab. (Engineering Bldg. B1F)
Personal Website :
crd photo Ruey-Dar Chang
Dept. Chair
E-mail : crd mail icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5782
Specializations : TCAD, Semiconductor Device Design, Material Analysis
Publication List Laboratory : Materials Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0808)
Personal Website :
crd photo Bing-Jay Sheu
Chair Professor
E-mail : bsheu mail icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.3878
Specializations : VLSI Design of Circuits & Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Cross-Disciplinary and Global Competitiveness, Human Wisdom
Publication List Laboratory : Digital Intelligence and Wisdom Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0911)
Personal Website :
jcwang photo Jer-Chyi Wang
Director, Center for Green Technology
Chief, Maintenance Section, College of Engineering
E-mail : jcwang mail icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5784
Specializations : High-K/Metal Gate Materials and Devices, Advanced Memory Devices and Its Applications, Bio-sensor Devices and Its Applications, Advanced Device Measurement and Reliability, 3D Device Process and Simulation
Publication List Laboratory : Advanced Nanoelectronic Devices Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 5F)
Personal Website :
ycchiang photo Yi-Chyun Chiang
E-mail : ycchiang mail icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5787
Specializations : Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC), Low-power Si-CMOS RF ICs, Millimeter-wave MMICs, Miniature Microwave Filter and Coupler Designs
Publication List Laboratory : Communication & Electronic Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0810)
Personal Website :
rmlin photo Ray-Ming Lin
E-mail : Dr. Lin, Ray-Ming mail icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5790
Specializations : MBE Growth and Device Application of Metamorphic, InGaAs/GaAs and InAlAs/GaAs Buffer Layers, Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode, Room Temperature Infrared Sensor
Publication List Laboratory : MOCVD Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 1F)
Personal Website :
Dr. Kuo,Jen-Tsai photo Jen-Tsai Kuo
E-mail : Dr. Kuo,Jen-Tsai Mail Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5950
Specializations : Microwave Engineering, Microwave Circuit Design, Electromagnetic Field, Theory and Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics
Publication List Laboratory : Advanced Microwave Components and Technology Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0811)
Personal Website :
Dr. Chin, Kuo-Sheng photo Kuo-Sheng Chin
Associate Dean for International Affairs, College of Engineering
E-mail : Dr. Chin, Kuo-Sheng mail icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5789
Specializations : Microwave Filter, Microwave Passive Circuit, Microwave Measurement, Radome
Publication List Laboratory : Antenna and Microwave Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 12F, E1215)
Personal Website : https://sites.google.com/view/kschin
Dr. Kao,Chyuan-Haur photo Chyuan-Haur Kao
E-mail : Dr. Kao,Chyuan-Haur EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5786
Specializations : High-K Dielectric Layer Fabrication, TFT Thin Film Transistor Fabrication, Nano Component Fabrication, Biomedical Sensor Devices Fabrication
Publication List Laboratory : Thin Film Nano Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0809)
Personal Website :
Dr. Kao,Hsuan-Ling photo Hsuan-Ling Kao
E-mail : Dr. Kao,Hsuan-Ling EMAIL ICON
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5951
Specializations : RF Devices and RF Circuits, Flexible Electronics, Memory Devices
Publication List Laboratory : Advanced Microwave Components and Technology Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0811)
Personal Website :
Dr. Tan, Cher Ming photo Cher-Ming Tan
E-mail : Dr. Tan, Cher Ming Mail Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5952
Specializations : Reliability and Failure Physics Modeling of Electronic Components and Systems, Finite Element Modeling of Materials Degradation, Reliability of Li Ion Battery and High Power LEDs, Statistical Modeling of Engineering Systems, Nano-materials and Devices Reliability, Prognosis & Health Management of Engineering System
Publication List Laboratory : Center for Reliability Science and Technologies (The Second Medical Bldg. 4F)
Personal Website :
Dr. Tsai,Chia-Lung photo Chia-Lung Tsai
E-mail : Dr. Tsai,Chia-Lung EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.3441(Office)/3748, 5895(Lab.)
Specializations : High-speed Laser Diodes, Solid-state Lighting, Biosensors, Solar Cells
Publication List Laboratory : Compound Semiconductor Measurement Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0910)
Personal Website :
Dr. Yang, Chia-Ming  photo Chia-Ming Yang
Director, Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering
E-mail : Dr.  Yang, Chia-Ming  EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5960
Specializations : DRAM Retention and VRT, VLSI and MEMS Technology, Biomedical and Chemical Sensors, Gas Sensor and 2D Material
Publication List Laboratory : 2D Nano Optoelectronic Biomedical Sensor Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 3F, E0303)
Personal Website : https://sites.google.com/site/cgucmgroup/home
Dr. Siddheswar Maikap photo Siddheswar Maikap
E-mail : Dr. Siddheswar Maikap EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5785
Specializations : Flash and Resistive Switching Memory Devices, Biosensor Devices, High-K Dielectrics, Nanocrystals, Si and Ge nanowire Devices
Publication List Laboratory : Thin Film Nano Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0809)
Personal Website :
Dr. Chen, Szi-Wen photo Szi-Wen Chen
E-mail : Dr. Chen, Szi-Wen EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5792(Office)/5894(Lab.)
Specializations : Biomedical Signal Processing, Biomedical Image Processing, Medical Electronics, CUDA and Multi-core Programming based Hardware Acceleration, Embedded System Designs, VLSI DSP Designs
Publication List Laboratory : VLSI-DSP/Biomedical Electronics Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0909)
Personal Website :
陳元賀教授 photo Yuan-Ho Chen
E-mail : Dr. Chen, Yuan-Ho EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5795(Office)/3111(Lab.)
Specialties : Digital IC Designs, FPGA Circuit, Digital Image Processing Circuit, High Efficiency Circuit
Publication List Laboratory : Microprocessor Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 10F)
Personal Website : https://sites.google.com/site/dspicdesignlabv1/
Dr. Kuo,Shou-Yi photo Shou-Yi Kuo
E-mail : Dr. Kuo,Shou-Yi Email Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5792
Specializations : Nitride-based Materials Growth, Fabrication and Characterization of Oxide Material (NSC project), Photonic Semiconductors, Low-dimensional Nano-structured Semiconductors, Photonic Crystal Application, Renewable Energy
Publication List Laboratory :
Personal Website :
Dr. Pan,Tung-Ming  photo Tung-Ming Pan
E-mail : Dr. Pan,Tung-Ming EMAIL
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.3349
Specializations : Thin-film Transistors (TFTs), Nano CMOS Devices and Technologies, Reliability of Semiconductor Devices, Biosensor Materials and Devices
Dr. Pan,Tung-Ming  Publication List Laboratory : Thin Film Measurement Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 8F, E0816)
Personal Website :
Dr. Liu, Kou-Chen photo Kou-Chen Liu
E-mail : Dr. Liu, Kou-Chen EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.3152
Specializations : TFT Devices, Flat-pannel Display Devices, Inorganic Transistors, SiGe High-speed Transistor
Publication List Laboratory : Organic Electronic Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0920)
Personal Website :
Dr. Nee, Tzer-En photo Tzer-En Nee
E-mail : Dr. Nee, Tzer-En EMAIL圖示
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5791
Specializations : GaN and GaAs Related Materials Structure and Optical Characteristics of Measuring Analysis, GaN and GaAs Components Related Materials, Nano-structure Related Materials Properties Simulation Analysis, Labview Instrumentation Control and Measuring Instrument Systems
Publication List Laboratory : Quantum Electro-Optical Science and Technology Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0919)
Personal Website :
Dr. Lin, Yen-Heng photo Yen-Heng Lin
E-mail : Dr. Lin, Yen-Heng EMAIL ICON
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.3789
Specializations : Design and Fabrication of Microfluidic Device, Optoelectronic Tweezers, MEMS, Fabrication of Nanowire sensor
Publication List Laboratory : Biomedical Optofluidics Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 4F)
Personal Website :
Dr. Li, Chung-Yi photo Chung-Yi Li
Associate Professor
E-mail : Dr. Li, Chung-Yi EMAIL ICON
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5593(Office)/5894(Lab.)
Specializations : Random Number Generator, Biomedical Signal Processing Circuit, Positron Emission Tomography Digitizer, Circuits for Arithmetic Operations, Hardware Design (VLSI/FPGA) of Power Electronics Control
Publication List Laboratory : VLSI-DSP/Biomedical Electronics Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0909)
Personal Website :
周煌程教授 photo Hwang-Cherng Chow
Associate Professor
E-mail : Dr. Chow,  Hwang-Cherng EMAIL ICON
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.5781
Specializations : Analog/Digital/Mixed-signal IC Design, Biomedical IC Design and Applications, Semiconductor Device and Circuit Delay Models
Publication List Laboratory : Industrial Applications Lab. (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0908)
Personal Website :
Dr. Wu, Chih-Feng photo Chih-Feng Wu
Assistant Professor
E-mail : Dr. Wu, Chih-Feng EMAIL Icon
Tel : +886-3-2118800 ext.3790
Specializations : Digital Baseband Algorithm/IC Design, Digital Transceiver Design, Deep Learning for Digital Transceiver Application
Publication List Laboratory : Digital Intelligence and Artificial Wisdom Lab (Engineering Bldg. 9F, E0911)
Personal Website :