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Journal Paper

1. H.-C. Chow , P. Chatterjee and W.-S. Feng (2017, Jun). A Simple Drain Current Model for MOS
Transistors with the Lorentz Force Effect. Sensors, 17, 1199.
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MOSFET by Lorentz Force for Magnetic Sensing Application, Sensors, 16, 1389.
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Noise Detector by Using Dual Peak Detection Sample and Hold Circuits, International Journal of Circuit
Theory and Applications, 42 (5), pp. 529-541.
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Dynamic Comparator with Low Transistor Count, International Journal of Electronics, 101(5), pp.
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with Level Shifter For Single Power Biomedical Applications, Applied Mechanics and Materials:
Advances in Measurements and Information Technologies, Vol. 530, pp 217-220.
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Amplifier for Biomedical Applications, Sensor Letters, 10(5/6), 1149-1156.
10. H.-C. Chow, J.-H. Huang (2012, Jan). A Pulse-Width Control Loop for Power Electronics Applications,
Energy Procedia, 16(1), 1247-1252.

Conference Paper

1. H.-C Chow and W.-L. Shen (2017, Jul). A 1V 2uW Low Noise Instrumentation Amplifier for Biomedical
Applications. The 32nd International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and
2. H.-C. Chow, Y.-C. Kuo and W.-S. Feng (2016, Mar). The green design of VCO and mixer circuits for
ultra-wide band applications, Annual Conference on Engineering and Information Technology.
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applications. International symposium on Electrical, Electronic Engineering and Digital Technology.
4. H.-C. Chow, H.-T. Chou, W.-L. Shen and W.-S. Feng (2015, Jul). A low noise low voltage instrumentation
amplifier using field-aided lateral PNP transistors, The 30th International Technical Conference on
Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications.
5. H.-C. Chow, H.-T. Chou and I-C. Wey (2014, Nov). A Low Voltage Instrumentation Amplifier for Sensor
Applications. IEEE SOC Design Conference.
6. H.-C. Chow and C.-H. Tsai (2014, Jul). 1 Volt, Constant-gm Operational Amplifier with Programmable
Frequency Compensation Design, International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science.
7. H. Huang, C.-N. Wey and H.-C. Chow (2014, May). Low Power Successive Approximation ADC for
Biomedical Applications. IEEE ISNE Conference.
8. H.-C. Chow and Y.-J. Chang (2013, Jul). A New Charge Pumping Circuit for Embedded Flash Memory
Design, International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications.
9. H.-C. Chow, Y.-I Lee and Z.-H. Hor (2012, Jul). A Novel Peak Detector for Measuring Signal Overshoots.
International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications.
10. 張至善, 李春龍, 周煌程(2017 年6 月)。使用雙極性電晶體作為磁場感測器的設計與應用。第15
屆台塑關係企業應用技術研討會,桃園 長庚大學 (優等論文獎)
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