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About us

About Us:
The Department of Electronics was founded in 1997 and the graduate program began in 1999. The research and course work of the department focus on basic academic training and problem-solving skills in the fields of silicon & III-V semiconductors, wireless communications, medical electronics and electro-optics. Our department has collaborated with Nan Ya Technology Company, Nan Ya Circuit Board Company, and the electronics division of Formosa Plastics Company. These companies provide opportunities of practical training for senior students. Graduate students are able to join their research projects. Specialists in companies also give lectures for graduate students. In addition, we have join research projects with Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chung Hua Telecommunications Research Institute, and National Nano Device Laboratory.

With “tapping the current development trend of the international academic and engineering world” and “creating cutting-edge academic domains” as our educational goals, we aim to increase our research and teaching quality through macroscopic and long-term curriculum arrangement and laboratory construction projects. We aggressively inspire students with the idea of “learning by doing”. Aside from practical courses directly linked to modern engineering technology such as Compound Semiconductor, Optoelectronics Materials, High Speed Microwave Devices and Biomedical Electronics, our curriculum also focuses on the training of fundamental subjects such as Contemporary Physics, Biology, Mathematical Methods for Physics, Introduction to Solid State Physics and Quantum Physics, in order to meet the need for advanced compounds, optoelectronics, and semiconductor science in the future. This is in the hope that our students will develop their ability to conduct comprehensive analysis on the properties of compound semiconductor materials, and to design compound semiconductor devices and systems. We have set our goals to cultivate intellectual young people who are physically and mentally healthy and who will have global prospects, executive capability, cost conscious minds and compassionate hearts.

Teaching object:
One: To cultivate Electronic engineer who are industrious、simple and unit the
theory and the practice.

Two: To continue developing the professional capability in electronic engineering and the ability of doing research.

The population:
Teachers:22 College students:394 Graduate students:105 Staff members:4

In addition to pursuing further studies at our school or other domestic and overseas universities, most of our students work for high-tech corporations in Hwa-Ya Technology Park or Hsinchu Technology Park upon graduation.Encourage integrated teams to carry out continued experiments, promote “Topical Studies” and “Case Study” achievements, and encourage participation in off-campus competitions to raise the school's reputation.