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Journal articles & book chapters:

1. Jinlian Bi, Jianping Ao, Ming-Jer Jeng, Qing Gao, Zhaojing Zhang, Guozhong Sun, Yi Zhang, Wei Liu, Fangfang Liu, Yun Sun, Liann-Be Chang, Modified crystal quality of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells: Elimination of island-shaped indium layer by pulse current electrodeposition method, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 766 (2018) 178-185
2. Jianping Ao , Rui Fu, Ming-Jer Jeng , Jinlian Bi, Liyong Yao, Shoushuai Gao, Guozhong Sun, Qing He, Zhiqiang Zhou, Yun Sun and Liann-Be Chang, Formation of Cl-Doped ZnO Thin Films by a Cathodic Electrodeposition for Use as a Window Layer in CIGS Solar Cells, Materials 2018, 11, 953.
3.Jinlian Bi, JianpingAo, Ming-JerJeng, LiyongYao, ShoushuaiGao, GuozhongSun ,Qing He, ZhiqiangZhou, YunSun, Yu-LingXiao, Liann-Be Chang. Three-step vapor Se/N2/vapor Se reaction of electrodeposited Cu/In/Ga precursor for preparing CuInGaSe2 thin films. Solar energy materials and solar cells, (2017, Jan)159, 352-361.
4. LiyongYao, JianpingAo, Ming-JerJeng, JinlianBi, ShoushuaiGao, GuozhongSun a,Qing He a, ZhiqiangZhou a, YunSun a, Liann-BeChang. A CZTSe solar cell with 8.2% power conversion efficiency fabricated using electrodeposited Cu/Sn/Zn precursor and a three-step selenization process at low Se pressure. Solar energy materials and solar cells , (2017, Jan) 159, 318-324.
5. Liyong Yao,Jianping Ao, Ming-Jer Jeng, Jinlian Bi,Shoushuai Gao, Guozhong Sun, Qing He,Zhiqiang Zhou,Yun Sun and Liann-Be Chang. Effect of Sn content in CuSnZn metal precursor on formation of MoSe2 film during selenization in Se+SnSe vapor. Materials, 2016,9,241.
6. Kai Shen , QiangLi , DezhaoWang, RuilongYang , YiDeng , Ming-JerJeng ,Deliang Wang. CdTe solar cell performance under low-intensity light irradiance. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 144(2016)472–480.
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8. Ruilong Yang1, Dezhao Wang1, Mingjer Jeng2, Kaiming Ho1 and Deliang Wang. Stable CdTe thin film solar cells with a MoOx backcontact buffer layer. PROGRESS IN PHOTOVOLTAICS: RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, 2016; 24:59–65.
9. WitoldJacak a, EwaPopko a, ArturHenrykowski a, EunikaZielony a, KatarzynaGwozdz a,GrzegorzLuka b, RafalPietruszka b, BartlomiejWitkowski b, LukaszWachnicki b,Liann-Be Chang c, Ming-JerJeng. On the size dependence and spatial range for the plasmon effect in photovoltaic efficiency enhancement. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 144 (2016, Jan), 1-16.
10. Ming-Jer Jeng , Zih-Yang Chen , Yu-Ling Xiao , Liann-Be Chang ,Jianping Ao , Yun Sun ,Ewa Popko , Witold Jacak and Lee Chow. Improving Efficiency of Multicrystalline Silicon and CIGS Solar Cells by Incorporating Metal Nanoparticles. Materials, 2015, 8, 6761–6771. 
11. Liyong Yao, Jianping Ao*, Ming-Jer Jeng*, Jinlian Bi, Shoushuai Gao, Qing He,Zhiqiang Zhou, Guozhong Sun, Yun Sun, Liann-Be Chang and Jian-Wun Chen, CZTSe solar cells prepared by electrodeposition of Cu/Sn/Zn stack layer followed by selenization at low Se pressure. Nanoscale Research Letters, 9, 2014, p.678. 
12. Liann-Be Chang a, Chia-I Yena, Ting-Wei Youa, Ming-Jer Jeng a,⁎, Chun-TeWu b, Sung-Cheng Hu b, Yang-Kuao Kuo b. Improving the reliability of eutectic bonding vertical power light-emitting diodes by a Mo buffer layer. Thin Solid Films, 570(2014, Nov), p.500-503.
13. Liann-Be Chang a, Ke-Wei Pana, Chia-Yi Yen a, Ming-Jer Jenga,⁎, Chun-Te Wu b,Sung-Cheng Hu b, Yang-Kuao Kuo b. Comparison of silicone and spin-on glass packaging materials for light-emitting diode encapsulation. Thin Solid Films, 570 (2014, Nov), p.495-499. 
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16. Ming-Jer Jeng,1 Yi-LunWung,1 Liann-Be Chang,1 and Lee Chow2 (2013, May). Particle Size Effects of TiO2 Layers on the Solar Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. International Journal of Photoenergy, (2013, May) 563897. 
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18. Atanu Das, Anirban Das, Liann Be Chang*, Chao Sung Lai, Ray Ming Lin,Fu Chuan Chu, Yen Heng Lin, Lee Chow, and Ming-Jer Jeng; GaN Thin Film Based Light Addressable Potentiometric Sensor for pH Sensing Application. Applied Physics Express, 6 (2013), 036601.
19. K. V. Bocharov, G. F. Novikova, T. Y. Hsieh, M. V. Gapanovich, and M. J. Jeng. Study of the Recombination Process at Crystallite Boundaries in CuIn1–xGaxSe2 (CIGS) Films by Microwave Photoconductivity. Semiconductors. (2013, Mar)
20. Liann-Be Chang, Yuan-Shun Chang, Ming-Jer Jeng, Kou-Chen Liu, Jui-Fu Yang, Shou-Yi Kuo and Kuo-Hong Wu,. High ESD Reliability InGaN Light Emitting Diodes with Post Deposition Annealing Treated ZnO Films. Solid state electronics, (2012, Nov), 77-81.
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23. Ming-Jer Jeng and Yu-Lin Lee. Increasing solar efficiency of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well solar cells with a reflective aluminum layer or a flip-chip structure. J. Electrochemical Society, (2012, Mar) H525-H528.
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