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  • 汪濤助理教授

組    別:硬體系統晶片

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Tao Wang (汪濤)

l   2010. 8 : Assistant Professor, Chang Gung University

l   2009. 8 : Post-doctoral fellowship, National Taiwan University

l   2008. 6   : PhD. Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University 

l   2004. 6   : MS. Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University

l   2002. 6   : BS. Electronics Engineering, Chang Gung University   


l   Microelectronics

l   Introduction of VLSI 

l   Analog Integrated Circuits

l   Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

l   Linear Algebra


Research Interests

l   Integrated Circuits for Wireless Communication, Sensors, and Energy Harvesting.

l   CMOS-compatible micromachining




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