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About Bilateral Workshop

    The college of Engineering of Chang Gung University (Taiwan) and Tohoku University (Japan) will jointly organize 2012 workshop on Nanotechnology in Life Science Application on May 14-16, 2012 Chang Gung Unviersity, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan. The theme of this symposium is Green Technology and Life Science.

    The aim of the workshop is to spur the international collaborations between Chang Gung University and Tohohu University by establishing platform for exchanging knowledge and research results about Green Technoloty and Life Science in biomedical engineering. As such, the joint workshop will not only include technical report but also provide plenty of opportunities of the participants from Chang Gung University and Tohoku University to interact with one another.

The workshop will include:

  • Bilateral Introduction: overview of R&D programs and activities of each organization
  • Interactive Talks: updates of latest progress in research of nanotechnology and life science
  • Conclusion Meeting: exploring opportunities to collaborate with each other and exchange students


Hnonorary General Chairs

Chyan-Goei Chung

Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Toshiyuki Hayase

Tohoku Univeristy, Japan


Organizing Committee Chairs

Chao-Sung Lai

Chang gung University, Taiwan

Seiji Samukawa

Tohoku Univeristy, Japan

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