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Department of Electronic Engineering

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Common Lab.:
Semiconductor Laboratory Room:EB1F13 Ext:5607
Compound semiconductor Room:E09F15 Ext:5897
Semiconductor Measurement Laboratory Room:E08F06 Ext:5356
Microelectronics Laboratory Room:E07F15 Ext:5711
Computer Software Laboratory Room:E08F12 Ext:5352
Reasearch Laboratory
Solar Cell Laboratory Room:E08F07 Ext:5357
Material Analysis Laboratory Room:08F08 Ext:5358
Thin Film Nano Technique Laboratory Room:E08F09 Ext:5783
Communication electronics Laboratory Room:E08F10 Ext:5354
Advanced Microwave Devices and Techniques Laboratory Room:E08F11 Ext:5353
Thin Film Nano Technique Laboratory Room:E08F13 Ext:5351
Industrial Applications Laboratory Room:E09F08 Ext:5893
VLSI-DSP/Bioelectronics Laboratory Room:E09F09 Ext:5894
Compound semiconductor measurement Laboratory Room:E09F10 Ext:5895
Compound Semiconductor Epitaxy Laboratory Room:E01F Ext:5637
Electronic Package Laboratory Room:E09F11 Ext:5896
Microprocessor Laboratory Room:E10F Ext:3111
Advanced Power ICs and Wireless Communication ICs Laboratory Room:E10F Ext:3645
Electromagnetic Waves and Antenna Laboratory Room:E12F15 Ext:3348